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Intuitive Eating Coach and Women's Personal Trainer


to strength, food freedom and body love

Hello and welcome. I’m Stef, a certified Personal Trainer and Intuitive Eating Facilitator with over 10 years’ experience in the health & fitness industry.

My story likely sounds a lot like yours. I struggled with my body, dieting, and compulsive exercise from an early age. My body was policed from when I was a “chubby kid”, to my time as a junior tennis player and then, all throughout my career in fitness. This manifested into a hardcore obsession with training and dieting, culminating in the development of an eating disorder.

Desperate and at rock bottom, I decided to try Intuitive Eating and non-diet philosophies. In doing so, I made peace with food, began to actually enjoy exercise, and cultivated a deeply compassionate relationship with my body. Full of life and healthier than ever, I help people just like you to do the same!

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Holistic / Compassionate / EMPOWERING / Non-Diet / Size-Inclusive / Intuitive / STRENGTH-FOCUSED / Personalised / Inclusive / SUPPORTIVE / Transformative


What is non-diet coaching?

Non-diet coaching uses a holistic approach to improving health and fitness, free from any focus on weight loss or body size. Strong with Stef acknowledges that weight or BMI is an inaccurate measure of health and instead measures success based on more relevant markers of health such as energy, sleep, digestion, mood, and strength, combined with the long-term maintenance and enjoyment of healthful habits.

Coaching with Strong with Stef utilises non-diet modalities such as Intuitive Eating™, Mindful Eating, Intuitive Movement, and Health at Every Size (HAES™) to heal your relationship with food, find joy in movement, improve your health, and love your body.

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Non-diet coaching is proven to be more successful long-term than weight-centric coaching in metrics such as:

Eating for hunger not emotions

Decreased disordered eating

Improved mental and physical wellbeing

Decreased binge-eating

Improved body satisfaction

Increased maintenance of healthful habits

Increased attunement to the physical body

Improved wellbeing via several indices

(Tylka, 2006)


How can my coaching help you?

If you are struggling with:

  • Low physical strength and fitness
  • Excessive cravings, binging and the inability to trust yourself around food
  • A lack of confidence and low motivation when it comes to exercise
  • Feeling trapped in a yo-yo cycle of dieting
  • Low energy, digestive issues, poor sleep and high stress
  • Feeling uncomfortable in the skin you’re in
  • Being constantly at war with your body

And instead want to:

  • Make peace with food and find complete food freedom
  • Break-free of dieting, binging and restriction – for good!
  • Get super strong, improve fitness and build confidence in the gym
  • Move your body from a place of love and enjoyment
  • Love the skin you’re in and operate from a place of self-love and compassion
  • Improve your health without the pressure of dieting or weight-loss
  • Feel supported in a nurturing, size-inclusive, non-diet environment

Then Strong with Stef is the right place for you!


Ways to work with me

Women’s Strength Training:

  • Build overall strength
  • Improve flexibility
  • Build functional muscle
  • Rehab injuries, aches and pain
  • Build confidence in the gym
  • Develop a fun and enjoyable movement practice that seamlessly integrates into your daily life
  • In an environment free from a talk of weight, dieting or changing your body.

In person (St Kilda) and online coaching options.

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Food Freedom Coaching:

A weight-neutral, health-first approach to help you:

  • Make peace with food
  • Reduce binging and over-eating
  • Quiet food noise
  • Break free from the yo-yo dieting cycle
  • Reduce food stress and overwhelm when eating out
  • Learn how to tap into your body’s innate needs and eat the right amount
  • Develop deep compassion and love for yourself and the skin you’re in!

Delivered online using Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size principles

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Why not both?

Want to get fit, strong, and repair your relationship with food? Then a hybrid Strength Training and Food Freedom Coaching approach is right for you!

In person (St Kilda) and online coaching options available.

Coaching packages start from $99 per week. To find the right fit for you fill out the enquiry form at or DM directly to arrange a complimentary discovery call.

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Empower • Transform • Thrive

Empower • Transform • Thrive

Empower • Transform • Thrive

Empower • Transform • Thrive

Empower • Transform • Thrive

Empower • Transform • Thrive

“I have most enjoyed Stef's astounding ability to be simultaneously friendly & lovely as well as really professional. I was amazed at the depth and individualisation of our first meeting, how she adapts the program to work towards my goal and am constantly impressed by her knowledge and clear passion for her work. Super inspiring and our sessions always leave me in a better place both physically and mentally”


“I have been training with Stef for over a year she has transformed my strength, mobility and fitness. Stef is great to deal with - smart, flexible and positive.”


“I can highly recommend Stef, as a personal trainer. Since I've started training with her, my strength and posture has improved. She has helped me with personalised workout plans to strengthen my weak and problematic areas. Her knowledge and support has helped me achieve my goals. She's also given me the knowledge to train at the gym floor where all the weights and exercise machines are. Before seeing Stef, I had avoided this part of the gym and am so grateful that I can confidently train here now. Stef, is a motivator, who cares about your well-being and fitness”


“Some big highlights for me were fixing my relationship with food and intuitive eating, and doing so in an enjoyable and freeing way with stef, and also learning how to use all the equipment at the gym and finding ways to make those workouts doable at home. The biggest highlight/achievement so far though has been fixing my relationship with my body and learning to appreciate it looking healthy and toned over just trying to be skinny and appear frail, now that I regularly visit the gym and do fun and enjoyable workouts I know that the way my body looks is healthy and completely normal all thanks to stef (best PT ever!!)”